Bermuda is a unique and picturesque outpost in the mid-north-Atlantic, graced with a subtropical climate that belies its northerly geographic position. The influence of the nearby Gulf Stream ensures mild weather, fostering lush vegetation and vibrant flora across the island.
The island's natural splendor is matched by its remarkable economic achievements, making it home to a well-educated, professional workforce and a sophisticated support infrastructure. This combination has evolved Bermuda from a serene vacation destination into a bustling hub for global offshore business activities.
Dating back to its first settlement in 1609, Bermuda boasts the oldest Parliament in the British Commonwealth outside the United Kingdom, established in 1620. As the most longstanding British colony, it maintains robust connections with the UK, which oversees its foreign and defense affairs. The local legal system, while autonomous, often looks to English legal precedents, and ultimate appeals are made to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
Bermuda's accessibility is enhanced by frequent flights: it's just two hours from the eastern seaboard of the United States and approximately seven hours from London. Visitors enjoy first-class hospitality, including premier hotels, restaurants, and an array of both water and land-based recreational activities, complemented by the island's advanced communication and business expertise.

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